A Song At Twilight – A Quick Capsule Theatre Review

Often the art of the fine drama is overlooked at the modern theatre, oft filled with the latest musical or grandiose Lloyd Webber production. A Song At Twilight then is a welcome change of pace. The action takes place across one evening in a Swiss hotel in 1966 with a small, but perfectly formed cast (led by Four Weddings star Callow and renowned English actress Jane Asher).  One of his last works, it’s a play in two acts written by Noël Coward as part of a trilogy of related stories, A Song At Twilight  invites a you to spend an evening with grouchy retired writer Sir Hugo Latymer as he is visited by an old flame and some equally old hidden truths.

On the whole it’s a highly enjoyable affair, with Callow offering a solid turn as the noted former writer, relishing speaking Cowards famed knotted words and obviously enjoying indulging in some sparky world play with his fellow actors. Asher is also rather good but it’s Jessica Turner as Latymer’s German wife Hilde who steals the show in a layered performance as upstandingly comic as it it’s ultimately tragic.


A Song At Twilight may not surprise too much but it’s always a joy seeing Cowards work brought to life with such a spark. Beautifully staged with an exquisite set, A Song At Twilight is equal parts witty, sharp and ultimately haunting, making for a enjoyable night out.


A Song At Twilight is currently performing at The Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne from Monday 01 April to Saturday 06 April 2019


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