Rocky Horror Show – A Quick Capsule Theatre Review


Just to get this out of the way before we start… Rocky Horror Show is probably my favourite stage show of all time.  From its beginnings as a stage show to its cult film adaptation and back to a campy polished stage show, Rocky Horror in its various forms has entertained us for over forty years.  

So you’d think it would get a bit tired by now right?  Or it would loose some of that sparkle the eleventh time in… Wrong.  This 2018/19 touring production is as fresh, fun and over the top as ever.  

The real revelation here is Stephen Webb.  A staple of numerous theatre & TV shows, Webb relishes the opportunity to turn it up to 11 as Frank-N-Furter unleashing his inner camp with relish and aplomb.  Now well into his tour of duty, Webb is nailing his Frank which is no mean feat if you consider some of the epic Franks that came before him ( David Bedella to name but one). 

That said nowadays no touring version of Rocky Horror is complete without Kristian Lavercombe, who has logged over 1000 performances as Riff Raff across the globe yet delivers every line, song and snark like it was new.  He’s the heart and soul of this production and obviously still enjoys every moment., 

As for the rest of the cast… well for one it’s great to see Punt back as the Narrator, whose super comfortable in the role and knows exactly where to pause for the appropriate call backs and interactions (which came thick and fast). As always Rocky Horror is best enjoyed with a knowledgeable (and well turned out) crowd… 

The songs, production and choreography are first class and you can’t help but be swept along in the breakneck pace on show here!  

So strap on your heels, pull up your stockings and fasten that wig because Rocky Horror is by far the best time you will have this year!

Starring: Stephen Webb, Steve Punt, Joanne Clifton, Ben Adams, Kristian Lavercombe

The Rocky Horror Show is currently performing at The Congress Theatre in Eastbourne from Monday 27 May 2019 to Saturday 01 June 2019.