Magic Goes Wrong – A Quick Capsule Theatre Review


Ah those Mischief Theatre scamps are at it again.  From Pantos to Plays, Bank robberies and, well, almost every genre on TV you can think of… the Goes Wrong juggernaut continues – this time with magic set firmly in its sights, helped along by the legends that are Penn & Teller (at least in the design – they aren’t there in person obviously).   

Magic Goes Wrong also represented my first trip back to the theatre post-Covid and a 18 month + enforced break. So it’s fair to say that this had a LOT to live up to. And for the most part it did.  Firstly, as you’d probably expect from this troupe, it’s really well crafted and whilst it lacks the larger scope of Peter Pan or The Play That Goes Wrong, the magic tricks are well put together and the jokes are funny.  Secondly it once again has a super charming cast who know how to deliver a well timed punch line. 

Where it falters slightly is the others had a much higher joke ratio – Peter Pan and The Play especially had me laughing non stop whilst there were a few bits on Magicthat didn’t work for me.  But these are small points – being the 4th best of 4 brilliantly well done shows is hardly a negative and you will smile from beginning to end as the madness unfolds.  A perfect trip back…

Best Bit: The blade looses his trousers

Attend, Avoid: Attend

If You Liked this Try: The Play That Goes Wrong, The Comedy About a Bank Robbery