Elf: A Christmas Spectacular – A Quick Capsule Theatre Review

Theatre and cinema has a long history of cross overs – from big screen adaptions of award winnings shows (think Les Miserables) to stage adaptions of classic films (Back To the Future & Nativity to name but two).  So adapting one of the cinemas most loved Christmas comedies in the Will Farrell starring Elf, on paper at least, would seem a risky proposition.  Well adapt it that have and it arrived in Eastbourne today for the start of it’s 5 night run and the question everyone is asking is just how does Elf: A Christmas Spectacular stack up?  Well, in short, actually really quite well!  In fact it’s pretty hard not to enjoy this crazy, madcap comedy which is full of enough laughs, songs and Christmas cheer to melt the hearts of even the most scrooge like of people.  There’s just SO much energy across the shows 2 hour + runtime.

Special shout out HAS to go to Tam Ryan who plays the titular role of Buddy The Elf.  He’s brilliant – his charisma and charm just infect the whole audience but it’s not just that -it’s those small moments of interplay, those winks to the audiences that  break the fourth wall that bring us in allow us to be part of this zany adventure.  In fact Ryan seems born to play Elf . Will who? But outside of Ryan Elf: A Christmas Spectacular offers a talented support cast (including skaters and acrobats), some smart staging and host of catchy songs which all contribute to the festive fun.

If you are looking for a way to kick start you Christmas and forget everything that is going on in teh world for a few hours you probably cant do better than Elf: A Christmas Spectacular.

Starring: Tam Ryan, Kelly Benlacki, Jordan Conway.  Songs by Matt Sklar and Chad Begulin.

Elf: A Christmas Spectacular is currently performing at The Congress Theatre in Eastbourne until Sunday 21st November.