Doctor Who Time Fracture – A Quick Capsule Theatre Review


My third interactive experience - after The Wolf Of Wall Street and Secret Cinema's Casino Royale and probably the one I've enjoyed the most, but like all of these interactive experiences, you get out what you put in.  

This time up it's the classic multi-generational series Doctor Who.  Get ready for Cybermen, multiple doctors and more! 

BUT it was a great fun hour plus event with plenty of Doctor Who lore chucked in for good measure. Much like previous experiences it has issues – it’s a bit disjointed, not all the cast are firing to the same level and we certainly missed a few bits as we branched off into separate groups... oh and teh last third really dragged a bit. 

But it was manic, silly and pretty much the perfect allegory for modern day Who! 

Best Bit: Our Doctor was great... and my daughter become Shakespeare! 

Attend, Avoid: Attend

If You Liked this Try: Secret Cinema, The Immersive Great Gatsby